World Famous Casinos of Different Countries


Gambling stays enticing and glamorous for everyone. More than being a place where gambling is the reason for their existence, they are more famous for the absorbing beauty. Casinos worldwide are fascinating places to visit and stay for vacation. Thousands of people travel to such captivating places to spend their vacation. Some famous international business has gained popularity globally for their gigantic and expansive casinos built with hotel and resort.

Most famous casinos in the world:

The alluring business has given the world some beautiful casinos. Here is a list of the top 5 popular Casinos and hotels:

  • MGM Grand Hotel and Casino: Situated in Las Vegas, a city synonymous with gambling and the works are owned and managed by The Blackstone Group with MGM Growth Properties.
  • Foxwood Lisboa Casino: The largest hub for gambling is in Macao. And Macao is known for its gambling resorts and hotels.
  • Foxwood Resort Casino: It is one such name that is the busiest and most popular in Macao. The resort lets its customers gamble online with real stakes without being physically present at the location. You can also play with the real money at in the comfort of your home.
  • Grand Lisboa Casino: Situated in Macao, this Casino has the best location with not less than 170 hotels and restaurants within a half-mile radius of the casino. It is known for having the largest table games throughout Asia.
  • Marina Bay Sands: Built-in 4 floors of spacious gaming zone each with different themes and types of games. The casino is in Marina Bay Sands Hotel world-famous and popular among celebrities.
  • Monte Carlo Casino: Situated in Monaco designed by Charles Garnier, a Renowned architect, This casino is one of the most popular attractions to visit in Monaco. It may shockingly surprise you that citizens of Monaco are not allowed inside Monte Carlo Casino. Never Say Never Again was also shot here among many other famous films.

Gambling tourism:

Many are not aware, but it is a popular thing among travelers to travel and gamble. Most of the countries have seen a boom in tourism because of their famous casinos. Countries such as the USA, Monaco, Macao, Australia are pretty popular among travelers. Simply because of their alluring casinos. Las Vegas is on the bucket list of at least 8 out of 10 people. you will be surprised to know it’s not just the big and old casino that has seen a surge in tourists, smaller countries like Singapore and the Philippines have also joined the wagon to provide gambling and entertainment to as well. These countries have seen immense growth in their revenues from travelers.


You must have heard about these famous casinos and hotels. You must have seen them in a movie or might have always wanted to visit for their popularity among travelers. You can plan to visit these places to try your luck along with your vacation.

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