Where Style Meets Environmental Responsibility: The Keter Legacy

When it comes time to start shopping for outdoor furniture and garden decor, how much attention do you pay to the sustainability practices of your chosen supplier? Sustainability and environmental stewardship have become two increasingly important areas of focus for companies at large. Keter Group, founded in Israel in 1948, has long been an industry leader when it comes to advancing sustainability practices, particularly with regard to the consumer section of its business.

Keter develops and supplies its customers with resin-based products that are sourced sustainability and built to last from recycled materials. Under the guidance of CEO Alejandro Pena, Keter has enjoyed prosperous expansions in recent years.

Highlighting its effectiveness in sustainability, the team at Keter took to the airwaves to discuss its newest launch, the Keter Lakeside Collection.

Introducing the Keter Lakeside Collection

Whether you always liked the great outdoors or the COVID-19 pandemic ushered you to spend more time within it, more people than ever are gathering outside for social occasions and engagements. Keter understands how important it is to be able to comfortably host guests at home and that is why the Lakeside Collection has grown so popular.

The Keter Lakeside Collection is built upon the pillars of sustainability, affordability, and environmental stewardship. The Lakeside Collection features Adirondack-style chairs that are buildable by a team of one within 15 minutes. These products come in the Premium Montauk and Premium Tahoe models, providing multiple slats depending on the style of the chair.

The Lakeside Collection features all of the sustainable benefits that are intrinsic to working with Keter’s special resin material. The Lakeside Collection is made from LumberTech which is a style of sustainable recycled material made from milk containers. Additionally, all of the products in the Lakeside Collection are treated with SunGuard so that clients don’t have to worry about sun damage or fading colors.

The Keter Lakeside Collection features more than just chairs as it gives customers access to the Rockford Outdoor Trash Can, the Keter Cooler, and other such products.

Keter’s Practices as a Sustainable Leader

In order to find itself at the precipice of sustainability, Keter has had to work hard throughout the years to establish the kind of practices necessary. Keter Group has been an environmental leader since it first launched, focusing on developing a zero-waste solution for landfills throughout its production cycle.

In 2020, Keter celebrated as 99.9% of its products landed in the 100% recyclable category. This was backed by the company’s goal to continue reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Keter’s CEO Alejandro Pena stated of his business, “Every single day, our employees rise to the occasion. They believe the future is bright and that together we can build a better company and, most importantly, a better world for future generations.”

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