What are the best Universities to Study Marketing in the UK?

If you plan to study marketing in the UK and look for the best universities for a business career, this article is perfect for you. The United Kingdom is the best place to study as a student because of the exposure you get by being in the middle of talented and aspirational people. The UK consists of hundreds of highly respected business schools. They offer great values and provide an exciting introduction to business for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies. If you are passionate about the field of marketing, you deserve the guidance of a good faculty and deserve to be in the middle of a growing environment, one that the UK can provide.

Best universities for marketing UK

1) The University of Leeds

This is one of the best-ranked universities in the world. Many people from different parts of the world come to the University of Leeds to study marketing because of the popularity of the course. The Institution of Leeds offers various graduation and post-graduation programs in the field of marketing. However, because of the popularity of the course, the acceptance rate for marketing courses in this university is low.

2) Lancaster University

Lancaster University is another from the list of the best universities in the United Kingdom to study marketing because of the extensiveness of the course in this college. The Institution offers various programs in the field of marketing. They also provide a placement year offering a great experience on the CV. With the credibility of the best degree, the Institution of Lancaster also provides practical experience in marketing.

3) University of Strathclyde

The University of Strathclyde ranks as the 3rd best university in the United Kingdom for marketing. This university got a bronze medal among the best universities for the same. The acceptance rate of the university is quite low because the standards of the Institution are very high. Every year, thousands of students hope to get admission to the Institution, but only the most credible get admission to the Institution due to the quality of entry tests.

4) Newcastle University

Newcastle University ranks at the 4th position in the list of best universities of the United Kingdom for marketing. Newcastle University offers many programs for graduation and post-graduation in the field of marketing. The faculty of this Institution is the best as they provide the best quality of education in this university.

5) University of Bath

The University of Bath occupies the 5th position in the best Universities of the United Kingdom for marketing. Bath is one of the best universities because of the students’ exposure to the university. This college also offers the best quality education and the best educational environment for all of its students.

6) Aston University

Aston University is in the 6th position in its marketing course. All the programs that this university offers are research-based, making it one of the most applied to universities. In addition, it provides practical experience of a degree which is the unique aspect of this university.

7) Royal Holloway University of London

The Royal Holloway University of London is the 7th best Institution for the field of marketing. Getting a degree from his college will enable you to develop a practical approach to solving problems in business while also considering the social and historical aspects. However, people wish to get admission to the University because of the highly competitive surrounding.

8) Cardiff University

Cardiff University is the 8th best institution for marketing. The courses this school offers are also highly research-based. The institution is famous for providing a wide variety of programs in selling and advertising. People from all around the world come to get quality education from the school in Cardiff.

9) University of Reading

The University of Reading is famous for providing only research-based courses to sharpen the real-life skills of students in their fields. Many programmes in the field of marketing are offered by the Reading college, like consumer behavior, applied psychology, and applied economics. This college provides a comprehensive understanding of marketing and consumer.

10) University of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool provides a marketing course that offers a wide variety of optional units. This university provides a good faculty and the environment for studies. Many of the students from different schools come to get their education from the Liverpool school.


The UK is considered the global business hub, which makes it the perfect place to study marketing. It is the home of growing entrepreneurs. In addition, people worldwide come to study in the UK, making it a diverse, multicultural talent pool that helps students gain transferable skills that can be applied anywhere in their futures.

Post Author: Evie Ari