Types of police checks in Australia

It is important to know that there are three types of police checksin Australia. So, when you are filling in the police check application online, you need to be sure which one that you want to go for. A police check either does indicate that no court disclosable outcomes which are held or will be able to contain court outcomes that are disclosable from police agencies in Australia.

The type of information which can be disclosed is normally determined by each police agency that is based on the legislation and the scheme for spent convictions. A certificate for national police check on a general outlook includes:

  • Court appearances
  • The court convictions which include any sentences or penalties
  • Good behavior bonds or any other court orders
  • Findings of guilt without convictions
  • Charges
  • Matters of awaiting court hearing

The three main police check types commonly used in Australia:

Name check

The name check is the one police check that is common and is used by employers for employment purposes. For about six million names checks are normally processed every year in Australia. The checks for name checks are about the name of applicant against a national persons of data base interest.

It is a collation of conviction and police history information that is sourced from the databases of all police agencies in Australia. The name checks can be obtained using Australian providers who are accredited.

The official name in Australia for the name check is the coordinated criminal history check.  Other terms that are commonly used for the name check include; police clearance, national police check, criminal history check, police record check, criminal record check.

Fingerprint check 

A fingerprint check can be conducted only where there is a regulatory or legal requirement for such a check to be carried out. With such type of check, the fingerprints are normally checked against police records which are in a central database. An extra cost is associated with the check service for fingerprints.

The check for fingerprints is normally only contacted from a police jurisdiction in Australia locally. The original fingerprints have to be posted with the offline application form that is fully completed.

The name check that has ammonium nitrate check

It is a type of application which is an ASIO and name check security assessment. The applicant is able to check and it is provide by the federal police of Australia and ASIO for the purpose of being able to conduct a security assessment.  It is a check that is sought by persons who are employed or who are seeking to be employed by companies which are licensed to access the ammonium nitrate that is security sensitive. Examples could include the Australian mining companies.

Persons who happen to be residents of Australian but live and travel outside of the Australia and seek a national police certificate need to apply to the Australian federal police online. You can be able to get all this information by checking them out before you fill it out.

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