The Essentials of SEO Fundamentals for Lawyers

It is common for large law firms to set aside a large budget to deploy paid and organic positioning campaigns online. In addition to assuming that the budget will be high, a variety of medium-term strategies must be established. And there should be a lot of patience, because the results of organic positioning take time to arrive. However, they are essential and, therefore, leaving them aside would be a mistake. Therefore, let’s see how SEO works for lawyers, and how to optimize it in order to achieve the best possible results.

Local SEO

As you know, online legal marketing encompasses any marketing action that a lawyer may need to position himself as a benchmark in his sector on the Internet: search engines, marketplaces, social networks, etc. In addition, one of the most important online legal marketing strategies is local SEO. This is something that, without a doubt, needs to be worked on in great detail. Clients, when carrying out a search, take into account the proximity of the law firm.

Therefore, you must make sure that you appear in local Google search results. Having a Google My Business profile will help you in this regard. Here you must build a very detailed profile that includes your geographical information, contact information, services, what you offer, etc. Only then will you be able to position yourself locally.

Opinions and Ratings

Regarding the above, you should know that the Google My Business profile will allow customers to write reviews about your office. This is of great importance in SEO for lawyers, since most users looking for a lawyer take opinions and ratings very seriously.

However, Google My Business isn’t the only way to get reviews from your customers. In fact, your website is the ideal place for them to give their opinion about your services, the treatment they have received, etc. In this sense, it is a very effective strategy to create a page of testimonials from satisfied customers or place these on the main page itself.

The testimonials can take a photo of the client with the text, or instead be a video. Personally, the latter option would be the ideal choice, as videos provide a higher degree of confidence. After all, the photo can be taken from anywhere and the text can be fake.

Another interesting option to get a better web positioning for lawyers is to ask a prominent blogger in your sector to write a post about your office. Or hire an influencer to promote the business on their YouTube channel. This can take you to the top of Google in a very short time and give you a great online reputation.

SEO Blog Content for Lawyers

An essential part of any SEO strategy for lawyers at Rocket Pilots ( is to have a blog with the same domain as the main website in order to publish relevant and optimized content for search engines.

In this way, in addition to keeping updated information related to the sector and of interest to potential clients, you will be able to relate your firm to the search terms (keywords) that users usually use to search for lawyers on Google. If you cover a large number of keywords and use them properly, your website will appear among the first search results even if you do not go to paid advertising.

Link Building

Link building is one of the keys to any SEO strategy for lawyers, since it will be decisive in the relevance that search engines give to your website. You should try to get as many links from other sites (backlinks), preferably from authority websites. You should also strengthen your internal linking, facilitating accessibility to the user and the crawling and indexing operations to Google.

User Experience

A law firm website should be easy to navigate. Therefore, you have to guarantee an intuitive interface, accessibility to all the pages and their elements, the highest degree of interactivity possible, and concise and direct information.

Performance and Responsive Design

The performance of the web is essential in SEO for lawyers. First of all, because Google takes it into consideration when positioning you. And secondly, because if your pages take time to load, you will only get a large part of users to leave the site. In fact, the average user waits no more than 3 seconds for a web page to open.


As the law is a very competitive sector, positioning yourself properly through SEO for lawyers requires delicate and arduous work that can only be done by an expert. Therefore, it is recommended that you hire the best digital marketing agency. You should have access to a team of SEO experts to help you to be positioned among the first results of Google and other search engines, multiplying your clientele and bottom line in less time. So don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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