The 4 Most Important Things to Include in Your LinkedIn Page

LinkedIn was founded on May 5, 2003. Since its inception, LinkedIn has grown to more than 750 million members with a diverse array of features, offerings, and business tools.

As the largest business-related social media platform on the internet, aspiring entrepreneurs and business professionals will want to set themselves up for success with a fully decked-out LinkedIn profile.

Creating the Ultimate LinkedIn Profile

Unlike your Facebook account, a LinkedIn profile requires a little more discipline with how it is structured and maintained. Your LinkedIn profile should operate as a one-stop-shop for everything that your business offers and your entrepreneurial spirit are looking to accomplish.

To better sell yourself and your ideas to potential clients and business partners, consider incorporating the following tips into your LinkedIn profile construction.

#1: Pick a Professional Photo

When establishing your LinkedIn profile, there are very few features more beneficial than a good profile photo. According to the research team at Social Media Psychology, a headshot can offer a ton of information to viewers at home, all without any effort on their part.

Pictures provide viewers the chance to immediately react and to form an opinion on the subject in question. As an entrepreneur and future professional, it comes down to us to make sure those first impressions are good and representative of what we are attempting to do.

Take time to work with a professional headshot photographer to find the right image for your business.

#2: A Sense of Personality

When we revealed that more than 750 million members exist on LinkedIn, you probably felt discouraged. After all, how is it possible to stand out in a sea of people that deep and competitive? The answer is simple: there is only one YOU.

Start a great profile by developing a story and a sense of personality. Even though this is your business platform, you still need to incorporate what makes you, well, YOU. Using personal stories will anchor your concepts and give them life in the eyes of your audience. Share an anecdote, reference your favorite sports team, or even talk about a hobby for a moment.

#3: Use Keywords In Your Profile

Never let a good search engine optimization opportunity go to waste. While developing your LinkedIn profile, pay careful attention to the keywords that are most closely related to your industry. Be careful, however, as you don’t want to overload your profile with keywords because it can quickly become awkward.

Work with an SEO professional or read up on the concept yourself to develop keywords that will fuel your profile’s rise up the search engine.

#4: Complete EVERY Section

LinkedIn offers percentage tracking tools to help members finish their profiles. To add a further impetus, LinkedIn will prioritize completed profiles in its search settings over incomplete alternatives.

Make sure that your LinkedIn profile is completely filled out and that your tracking bar is at 100%. With a decked-out profile, you will be ready to spread the word regarding your work!

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