SEO Services: What to Consider when Doing SEO in Hong Kong

In terms of improving organic website performance in Hong Kong, there are some differences compared to setting up a website that targets only the Western market. The best provider of seo services hong kong is more than capable of making important setup changes to ensure your website gets noticed by your target Hong Kong audience. Keep reading to know the differences that must be taken into account when doing SEO in Hong Kong:

Bing and Yahoo are Still Used in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, the situation is a bit different than when running SEO campaigns in other countries. Bing and Yahoo are still used by many internet users in Hong Kong, with Google still dominating the market. However, businesses here have more opportunities to create traffic from other search engines. Thus, keep this mind if you have a website that targets the Hong Kong market.

People in Hong Kong Speak Different Languages

The people in Hong Kong speak Cantonese and English; however, a lot can talk Mandarin. But, Chinese includes traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese as the main written languages. Thus, Traditional Chinese is used in Hong Kong while Simplified Chinese is more spread in Mainland China. The multicultural environment that Hong Kong has affects how people are searching on the internet.

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