Refuel: safety first

Getting your heating system installed is one thing but running it every day and caring for it is another pertinent task. When it comes to handling fuel of any kind, whether it is gas or oil, you have to be extra careful to avoid any kind of mishap. Safety should be your first priority and the local suppliers are always alert while performing heating oil delivery at your doorstep. While oil is one of the safest fuels used for lighting the furnace for domestic heating requirements, it is still essential not to take the safety precautions lightly.

How local suppliers keep heating oil delivery safe?

From carrying the fuel from source to your doorstep, your heating oil company will take the necessary steps to ensure that nothing untoward occurs. From storage & transportation to delivering & refueling the tank, the entire journey of fuel happens under the supervision of experts. While oil companies and suppliers take extra care with domestic refuel, it is prudent for the homeowners to keep the following points in mind:

  • Always subscribe to automatic delivery plan also called the guaranteed delivery plan. through this plan, you will never run out of fuel and you can make sure the refueling is done by experts only.
  • Do not buy heating oil or accept heating oil delivery from unauthorized and grey market entities no matter how urgent your requirement is. The chances of adulteration, impurities are huge along with increased risk factors due to untrustworthy personnel handling the refueling operation.
  • Storing heating oil is not a hassle however, keeping flammable substances away from the storage containers is a good practice. Also, keep sand or other flame retardant substance nearby. A small fire extinguisher must be kept alongside the oil containers.
  • While refueling is happening, it is advisable to keep children at bay. While they can watch if they are curious enough, keeping your distance from them is crucial to prevent any accidents or mishaps from occurring.
  • Always check the license or authorization document of the person making the delivery or helping you refuel the boiler tank. You should have confidence in the person’s ability to get the job done effectively.

What about the safety of the heating oil itself?

As mentioned earlier, heating oil is your safest bet when it comes to different types of fuels. This is because of multiple factors that are listed below:

  • Heating oil does not produce any fumes which means that you can easily breathe around it while working with it.
  • You need not worry about any unwanted fires happening during heating oil delivery or while you are refueling the system. This is because oil requires a complex mechanism to ignite. Hence, even if the heating oil comes in contact with a burning matchstick, the flame gets put out like in the case of the matchstick coming in contact with water.
  • Heating oil is highly efficient while burning and its composition minimizes any soot, dirt or harmful gases, like Carbon Monoxide, being released.
  • No specialized containers are required for heating oil delivery unlike propane or other gas fuels. This means an airtight container is enough to store the oil while transferring it from the supplier to the house owner.

The best thing about using heating oil is how safe it is to handle, store and use. This non-flammable, non-explosive odorless oil not only burns efficiently with minimum damage to the environment, but it is also required in lesser quantities to produce the same heat as compared to other fuels. If you have any heating requirements or want to upgrade your heating systems, contact your local supplier to get the best deal on heating oil deliveries and allied heating equipment.

Post Author: Evie Ari