Lessons For the Music Industry From Evan Rubinson 

The music business can be elusive even for the most talented and creative individuals. For someone coming from a completely unrelated background, the odds of success seem daunting at best and impossible at worst. Yet, for Evan Rubinson, founder of Evan Rubinson Audio, the transition from Wall Street to music was a path that proved to be inevitable.

Evan Rubinson was an uber-successful “money man” on Wall Street. He adeptly handled working in arguably the most competitive and cut-throat industries on earth. The way ahead was cleared of obstacles, and his firm’s potential for growth unhindered. It came as a shock out of the blue when Rubinson was called to his father’s bedside and asked to switch careers and take over his father’s music business.

Yet, Rubinson did so, without a moment of hesitation. As a loving son and dedicated family man, Rubinson agilely assumed the role of music industry professional. He found success in music just as he had found success on Wall Street. Now, he is eager to share the lessons he’s learned on the journey, to help others who are interested in a career in the music business.

“You don’t need to spend time and money on a college degree,” Rubinson says. “The majority of my employees don’t have a degree.” So what is it that is required? Rubinson says that certain personality traits are necessary.”You need to be personable, relatable accessible,” Rubinson says. This is more important than any skill, says Rubinson. “The traits that matter most to me are loyalty, passion and a high sense of caring about the work. I’d rather have someone who cares about getting something done right than someone who has a piece of paper with a college name across the top.”

By self-admission, Evan Rubinson didn’t have all those traits himself when he first got into the music business he inherited from his father. He quickly learned, though, that everything got easier when he began to view others around him as people with personal cares, worries and aspirations. He says that he grew as a person when he allowed himself to be more vulnerable and let himself open up to others. “I learned to be more empathetic and understanding of people’s individual concerns,” says Rubinson. “This business has made me more of a people person.”

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Of course, being a people person hasn’t made Evan Rubinson soft. On the contrary, he has had to face up to some tough struggles along the way to the top of the music industry. He’s learned that not everyone wants others to succeed. But his background on Wall Street has served his needs in that regard. “My previous experience plus learning how to treat people with compassion and respect have enabled me to find both success and peace in the music industry,” he says. At the end of the day, Evan Rubinson advises, “It’s about caring for others along with having a passion for music, experience, and a really robust network.”

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