How to paint by number


Paint by number is a technique that can be used by almost everyone. That is why custom paint by number is loved by many people to start with. When you are painting by number, you do not have to make the main color bright just by adding bright colors to it. You can as well achieve brightness by making sure that the spot around the area is painted dull and dark. Apart from that, there are some other ways and tips that you can use to make your paint by number come out the way you want. Some people spend most of their time painting and they don’t get tired of doing so. Those are the people who are born talented. Some people do not bother putting on too much effort in painting. Some just consider painting because it is fun for them. Those are the lot that paints by number can work well with them. Just like any other skill that we can acquire in real life, paint by number skills can also be learned.

How to paint by number

If you are just getting started with paint by numbers custom or you do not have an idea of how you should go about it, this is the best piece for you. With paint by number, you do not have to put up with trying to come up with patterns directly from your head. All you have to do is make sure that you have the right paint by number kit and you will be good to go. In the kit, there will be colors to use, a canvas, and the best brushes for you to use as well.

Which paint is suitable for you?

There are different types of paints that can be used in paint by number. The first common one is acrylic paint and the second one is oil paint. Acrylic paint is the type of paint that many are advised to use. This is because acrylic paint is known to dry up very fast, it gives the painter the ability to experiment and its quality is good as well. Acrylic paint is the best paint if you wish to complete your work without any periodic breaks.

The next type of paint that you should know of is oil paint. This is the type of paint that takes time to dry. It normally takes two to three days for it to dry up completely. Over time, this type of paint changes color. That is the reason why older pictures start to give a yellowish after some time because the original color just started fading away. If you are out there to enjoy and with enough time for your paint, paint by number can be the best way to achieve your desired paint by number look.

Stretch and fix your canvas

If you have managed to identify the right paint to use for your paint by number, the next important thing that you should do is make sure that you have stretched your canvas. This is to give you an easy time while painting.

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