Graphene price and everything else you should know about this material

Though each of us can say that graphene is an awesome material, however, the graphene price is often discussed. Graphene is often nicknamed as wonder material as it unifies the qualities like tensile, electrical, thermal or even optical ones. However, it may take more than decades until the importance and potential of the material will be fully realized and used, and it reflects on its price. However, there are still places where one could buy it relatively cheap – best to obtain in directly from a manufacturer, like MST nano and others.

Graphene price is influenced by its wondrous properties

  • This material is a single atom thick two-dimensional structure. And what’s more, this magnificent material is also more than million times thinner than the hair on my head or for example a sheet of paper.
  • Graphite can also be variated into a crystallized kind of carbon which stands for one of the most plentiful elements in all the world.
  •  Graphene is not only clear, really thin and strong, impenetrable to gases and liquids but it is said to be the great conductor as well.
  • Thanks to these qualities, graphene can be used in a huge number of applications (for example flexible displays to high-capacity batteries).

When it was first synthesized and by whom?

Maybe you guess that it was first fabricated many years ago. But this is really far from truth. It was fabricated first by Andre Geim and Kostya Novoselov at the University of Manchester in 2004. So it can be said that this was recently.

Since that time the price of this specific material is lower thanks to its using in electronic manufacturing. However, its price is still very high for most of scientists, buyers and investors. But there is the good news that scientists at the University of Glasgow invented the way how to form larger sheets of graphene employing the same kind of inexpensive copper which they used in order to manufacture lithium-ion batteries.

This way could make the synthesization cheaper and cheaper. But we need some time to prove this theory.

Even the Nobel Prize proved graphene to be significant material

About the significance of graphene testifies that the Nobel Prize was awarded in connection with this material. Some interesting facts about this Nobel Prize and the amazing qualities of graphene are mentioned in this article.

There was the Nobel Prize which stated that the material is significant and help many scientific progresses and developments. Thanks to the graphene it is possible to embellish batteries, electronic transistors, solar cells, flexible displays, sensors as well.

There are also many patents which are given for discoveries of graphene development. About its using in the world of medicine thanks to the tattoo which uses graphene you can get to know in here. However, there is the difficulty with the price of graphene and thus there is no clear when graphene will be in the market in largely.

The price is linked with the quality of material

One should be aware of one obvious rule and it says that the price of graphene is higher with its higher quality. And there is the fact that no each of the application needs to have the best quality of this material. One of these examples is definitely graphene oxide powder which stands for the graphene functionalized with oxygen and hydrogen.

This material is not as expensive and it is used when we make a conductive graphene paper, for other advanced composite and biotechnology applications, or even for DNA analysis.

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