Eastern Culture Merges with Western Quality

When Leather Workshop Singapore first started, it was a small workshop with just two people. But now Leather Workshop is one of the most popular leather workshops in Singapore. It has grown to include four full-time craftsmen and three part-time workers, all dedicated to supplying high-quality leather products for customers from around the world.

Leather Workshop’s success can be attributed to their commitment to upholding Eastern culture while blending Western quality into each product they create.

– Customers from around the world come to Leather Workshop for high-quality products that are made by people who care about their craftsmanship.

Story from Eastern Culture to Western Quality

The Leather Workshop story starts with a journey from Eastern culture to Western quality. Leather Workshop’s founder, Zhang Ming Long was born in Taiwan and grew up working as an apprentice of his father who was also a shoemaker. When he moved to Singapore in 1992 at the age of 29, he began learning English while studying for two years before opening Leather Workshop 2003.

– Leather workshop has had many opportunities over its 17-year history due to its commitment to upholding Eastern culture while blending Western quality into each product they create: “I mustn’t lose touch because my customers are looking for this old-fashioned type of craftsmanship,” said Zhang Ming Long when asked about how much western influence there is on his work today.”

– Leather Workshop Singapore, a boutique leatherwork company in East Coast Road, maintains the traditional techniques and craftsmanship associated with handcrafted shoemaking by creating products like wallets, bags, and belts out of genuine leather.

– Leather Workshop will be celebrating its 18th anniversary; Leather Workshop believes in the importance of tradition. Leather Workshop’s Leather Workshops are held once every three months which allows them to have a steady flow of orders.

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